CreamPYE Roadmap


✅ – LAUNCH CreamPYE Token

A proud moment for the CreamPYE team.

✅ – Social Media Setup

Setup Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and all other important social channels for CreamPYE

✅ – LAUNCH Website

On April 13th, 2021 we successfully launched our website platform

✅ – Activate Pancake Swap Trading Pool

✅ – Lock Liquidity (Copy/Paste the link above, then connect your wallet to view)

✅ – Charity Donation to Action Against Hunger

On April 29th, 2021 only 16 days after launching our new DeFi token CreamPYE was able to make our first charity donation in the amount of $138,137.08 to Action Against Hunger. We are so excited for what the future holds as we continue making a true impact to help stop world hunger.

✅ – CreamPYE Merchandise Store

On April 30th, 2021 we successfully launched the CreamPYE Merchandise Store to purchase items such as hats, shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, and more. Our goal is to take a portion of the proceeds and also add it to the donation wallet to be donated to our partner charities.

✅ – Whitepaper Published and begin paid Social Media Marketing

On May 8th, 2021 the CreamPYE team successfully published the WhitePaper for public view. Along with the WhitePaper our Audit was published which was completed by the Hacken Club.

✅ – Listing on CoinGecko

On April 23rd, 2021 we successfully submitted our application to CoinGecko to be listed on their platform. At this time they have been inundated with new coins, but have notified us that once our application will be processed we can be listed at any moment.

✅ – Listing on CoinMarketCap

On April 23rd, 2021 we successfully submitted our application to CoinMarketCap to be listed on their platform. At this time they have been inundated with new coins, but have notified us that once our application will be processed we can be listed at any moment.

☐ – Launch NFT MarketPlace with PYE Pairing

Building an NFT marketplace that is driven by the CreamPYE token, providing better fees and user experience for buyers and sellers than what is available today. Current beta names for the NFT marketplace are PYESlice, PYEPiece, and PYEShare. The community will vote on these and any other proposed names before it is finalized. NFT Marketplace…

✅ – PROBIT and WhiteBIT Exchange Listings

Execute relationships with PROBIT and WhiteBIT exchanges. Begin trading PYE on each exchange with low fees to allow access to everyone.

☐ – BitMart Exchange

Execute relationship with BitMart exchange. Begin trading PYE on exchange with low fees to allow access to everyone.

☐ – Additional Partnerships with Charities around the world

World Food Programme, Care, The Hunger Project, Feed The Children and Bread For the World Institute.

☐ – Development of PYESwap Exchange Begins

Building a CEXDEX to change the way DEX exchanges are done. We plan to fully disrupt this space and use PYE pairing as an affordable way to allow everyone in the world access to support all projects without paying a high percentage of fees. The current beta name for the exchange is PYESwap and will…

☐ – CreamPYE App and Wallet for Mobile IOS and Android

Complete the CreamPYE app and wallet for mobile IOS and Android.

☐ – Expand Team by 30%

CreamPYE will expand its internal development team by 30% with the hopes of opening offices in Europe and Asia. Currently, we are speaking with options and doing our due diligence on the best options for us to retain the quality of work and culture we passionately believe in.

☐ – Complete Community Vote for Project Initiatives

We will host our first-ever community vote regarding submissions by our developer teams as well as submissions from our community. This vote will be hosted and all token holders will have the ability to vote on the key issues.

☐ – Press Releases Announcing CreamPYE and Project Initiatives

In an effort to continue to build awareness and engagement with potential partners we will release more details about the CreamPYE project and accomplishments in press releases worldwide.

✅ – Listing on BlockFolio

Get listed on BlockFolio.

☐ – Launching PYESwap CEXDEX Exchange on

Officially launch our disruptive and game-changing CEXDEX exchange. Our goal is to officially launch no later than the end of the 3rd quarter. This could come much sooner but we are being conservative.

☐ – Partner with Merchant Processing Company

To gain full adoption of PYE as an online payment method we will integrate with merchant processing companies for eCommerce stores. Full integration with Shopify Platform and its 500,000 plus stores in 175 countries to have the ability to accept PYE as a form of payment.

☐ – Marketing of NFT Marketplace and PYESwap Exchanges

Begin to execute the worldwide marketing campaigns to build our user base worldwide to gain traction as well as building our community to reach far and wide.

☐ – Listing on Additional Exchanges (Binance, CoinBase, Etc)

Continue to build our footprint for everyone to have access to the PYE token and the ability to participate in the CreamPYE movement.

☐ – New NFT Series Released

Releasing a series of rare collectible cards that will give the owners access to participate in special events, virtual calls and special meetings with our developer team to stay connected with our team on this journey.

☐ – Expand Team into Europe

We will continue to expand into different parts of the world in order to provide the best and highest quality of project and community support!

☐ – Build Partnership with Largest Social Media Platforms

Our team has spent over $100 million dollars in marketing over the last few years on Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms. We have been on development video calls with their teams to help build their marketing platforms and algorithms. We plan to use our 15 years of relationships with these platforms to help integrate…

☐ – Airdrops Begin for NFT Marketplace Mining

Marketplace mining will begin for all buyers and sellers on the PYE NFT Marketplace

☐ – Community Vote Regarding Adding Additional Projects to Road Map

Voting Propositions will be collected from the community requests as well as developer initiatives. This vote will take place with a holder by ex-date and all holders on the ex-date will have the opportunity to vote on all propositions. All requested propositions will be presented in order to continue to support all and prove we…

☐ – Development and Launch of FinTech Platform

Our Fintech Platform will offer many services for both consumer and business needs. We look to provide unique offerings in the ticketing space, B2B payments, Peer to Peer payments, and many other services.

☐ – Community Vote for 2022 Initiatives

All 2022 roadmap initiatives and target dates based on priority will be voted on before the end of the 4th quarter in 2021. All token holders as of the ex-date will have the ability to place their vote on what is passed and what is not. We are trying community-driven and supported.

☐ – Merchant Integrations For Payment Processing

Merchant integrations for POS transaction processing. Ability to have PYEPAY to be accepted in person at the point of sale.

☐ – Partner With Artists for NFT Marketplace

Sponsor artists worldwide to support the development of the NFT community on all platforms. Building a team of artists which are provided support and guidance from our team. These artists will be selected based on a submission from the community and will receive grants and personal support from our movement to foster the artist ability…

☐ – Additional Initiatives Added By Community Vote

More initiatives will be proposed and presented to the community to vote and decide which propositions will pass and which ones get pushed to the next round of voting.


☐ – Development of Rewards Program for eCommerce

Integrate an awards program for all eCommerce users who transact in PYE each month on all partner merchants. The rewards program will be called PYEPerks and hosted information will be presented on

☐ – January Community Meet-up for All Holders of PYE

Our team here at CreamPYE can’t wait to host a community meet-up once all the pandemic worries subside. We are looking to offer the opportunity for all of our division leads to spend time with our community members, provide the latest updates, preview never-before-seen products and new services that are upcoming, and simply thank each…

☐ – 2nd Quarter Initiatives Added By Community Vote

The vote will take place on all proposed initiatives for the 2nd quarter of 2022. Each community member or team developer may submit a proposed initiative and the community will decide what passes for 2nd quarter and what gets pushed to the next vote.