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    Avg Price and total profit
    3 months agoopen0
    The bread and butter for investing is the total gain. And for traders, they always need to know what their entry prices are. I think it would be a great addition to the PYE wallet or charts to show these types of data for users. Either for an exchange through API (Like Delta) or even better, for all assets even those traded through a DEX (This one is the game changer)
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    No Fees to PYE Wallet for limited time
    3 months agoopen22
    There is quite a few of us who have been holding PYE and been part of the PYENATION since the beginning. I have accumulated quite a bit of PYE, and it would be a shame to loose any of it to transfer fees into PYE Wallet. Could there be a limited time, No Fee transfer to PYE Wallet from other wallets for existing holders of PYE? I really feel like loosing 10% to move it into a wallet I would have had it in from the beginning if was possible would be no fun. Thank you PYE Team!