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    Counter adding in PYE Charts
    3 months agoopen0
    Let's add counter and / or duration to our charts like page hit counter and how much time users spent on our charts all together. It will enable everyone to see how much our charts are popular.
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    The Best Multi Chart
    3 months agoopen13
    These days, if you use two monitors or more, you've probably noticed that no charts website offers efficient multi-charts for Full Screen Mode (F11). I'm talking about a monitor-adjusted and independent graphics splitter, as in the Google Chrome "Split Me" extension (attached screenshot), but better. In this case, if one of the quadrants is not used, you have a "space" there to use as a browser (currently the Split Me does not allow this). If you set the links or charts and press or active the Full Screen mode it will cover all of your monitor screen. Another example is if you open the poocoin website with the CreamPYE chart in one of the divisions (quadrant) and click on "Full Screen Mode" on the chart, it will expand across the entire quadrant and only in this quadrant (currently in the Split Me this does not work well). The possibility of quadrants with an independent full screen mode (F11). I think this would work better as an extension for browsers, but it's an attractive idea to complement PYEChart and make it even more unique. I have two more screenshots to explain this, but I can attach only one. You can see this better using the extension that I mentioned.
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    PYECharts Beta Testers Confirmation
    3 months agoopen0
    I believe a few of us have sent in beta testing e-mails in hopes of being chosen, is there a way to confirm that our application has been received? Would we also be eligible via that same e-mail to potentially test the wallet or will that be a separate test?