PYE is the Future!

CreamPYE was built with one purpose in mind. Build the best decentralized technology available to the world and make an equal impact on humanity at the same time.

CreamPYE will develop an industry standard for many applications such as building a CEXDEX exchange which will disrupt any of the available options currently in the exchange space. We plan to partner with many projects in the future to continue to develop PYE as an industry standard protocol.







CreamPYE: The Future of Tech

Meet CreamPYE’s team, learn about our history and understand why we are building the CreamPYE protocol and why it matters to us.


We are a team with a singular shared goal to succeed.

We are the collective of our combined knowledge base.  Our team has a breadth of expertise, and together, we attack projects from every direction.

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, developers, and financial members who have undoubtedly touched almost every person in the United States and abroad in at least one capacity or another.

Our products and services have been purchased and enjoyed by most households around the globe.

We are dedicated to the development and global adoption of CreamPYE.

If you are interested in becoming part of the CreamPYE team please reach out to us at service@creampye.com and we will review your request and touch base with you shortly.


Our History as a group began more than (15) years ago.  And, although we have each ventured into different business models, we have maintained our Team throughout the years.

Our Team has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide. We have already given millions of dollars to charity over the last 15 years. We pride ourselves behind the platform God has given us to make an impact in the world.

Whether it is major athletic events, technology that provides jobs, or financial help – our team has built many successful projects and continues to strive to make a difference one day at a time.

Our team is capable of doing everything in house as we have experience building tech, business infrastructure, scaling a business, marketing, social media, eCommerce sales, fulfillment, logistics, overseas partnerships, product development, manufacturing, producing live events, speaking at conferences, and many other business-related experiences.


Empowering people to achieve their goals is the common ground we all share.

Our Team comes from a variety of industries and backgrounds. What attracts people to our company and defines our work environment is passion, a commitment to results, and an overriding dedication to our users. We foster dreams here at CreamPYE we believe everybody needs a chance to achieve their full potential. Many people are never given that chance. We embrace the challenge of building people from any experience level into an all-star team member.

Our entrepreneurial spirit infuses everything we do.

We seize opportunities to broaden access to new and innovative ways to help people worldwide. At CreamPYE, you can build your career in the creative and fast-paced environment of a start up, yet have the fortitude and reliability of a Fortune 500 company behind you.

We’re Here To Help You

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation