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CreamPYE is looking to fully disrupt the decentralized world. We have put together a team behind the CreamPYE project to build better tech than what is currently available today. We are more than just a DeFi token, we are the future of Defi/Decentralization and CEXDEX. Join us for the ride of a lifetime and be a part of making a true impact in the world to help stop world hunger and at the same time disrupt the decentralized world by offering better tech and more affordable access to everyone.


Meet the PYE Team

CreamPYE Roadmap


✅ – LAUNCH CreamPYE Token

A proud moment for the CreamPYE team.

✅ – Social Media Setup

Setup Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and all other important social channels for CreamPYE

✅ – LAUNCH Website

On April 13th, 2021 we successfully launched our website platform

✅ – Activate Pancake Swap Trading Pool

✅ – Lock Liquidity (Copy/Paste the link above, then connect your wallet to view)


What is CreamPYE?

CreamPYE Protocol

Staking Rewards, Liquidity Pool Acquisition, Marketplace Mining and Manual Burn.

A common misconception developers have is the ability to balance what it will take to build a self sustainable ecosystem for a token project to survive long term while generating enough resources to process what it takes to reach its full potential while becoming respected as a leader in their space. CreamPYE is built to balance all aspects of its protocol and achieve sustainable long term growth through development of our road map with strategically developed tokenomics and the right team in place from day one.

Static Rewards

Static Rewards allow the ability for all holders of PYE to participate on the upside of earning while they allow the project to develop and reach its potential. Each holder is rewarded based on their percentage of tokens held and proportionate to the transactions executed.

Manual Burns

Manual Burns allow for true mitigation of possible offsets later in the development of the project. This really benefits the holders of PYE and allows the project to process burns as we achieve initiatives on our roadmap. All burns are transparent and are available for all to see and we will announce our strategy as we continue to develop at each phase of the CreamPYE project.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)

Automatic Liquidity staking is the one of the most valuable functions of the CreamPYE protocol. As transactions happen on both the buy or sell side we are able to take a percentage of the tokens and stake them as liquidity for the exchange of PYE tokens. This will mitigate many issues other tokens experience such as price fluctuations, whales selling and causing excessive price drops and provide for confidence in the long term viability of the project as there will continue to be a foundation for the exchange pairs of PYE.

Fee Structure

CreamPYE processes with a 10% fee on every transaction. That fee is allocated as follows:

Existing PYE Holders – 50% of the fee (5% of the transaction) is distributed to every wallet that holds CreamPYE on a percentage basis. The more CreamPYE you hold the more you will receive!

Liquidity Pool Generation – 24.5% of the fee (2.45% of the transaction) collected in CreamPYE is sold into BNB. That BNB is married up with the remaining 24.5% of CreamPYE and deposited back into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

Charity Donation Transparency – .1% of all transactions are sent to a charity wallet for future donations to impact communities around the world!

The idea is to build a committed community who are in it for the long haul. PYE stability grows with automatic liquidity generation on every transaction. This allows prices to have the least amount of slippage, less attractive to bots playing the arbitrage game and builds confidence in the long term viability of our communities project.


CreamPYE was built with the idea of creating long term value while giving back to communities worldwide. We want to foster development in the culinary industry by providing donations to institutions who develop jobs for the food industry.

  • 1,000,000,000,000,000 Total minted PYE tokens
  • Fair Launch – 300 Trillion Team Tokens Burned before launch
  • Marketplace Mining Rewards – 100 Trillion Retained in Rewards Wallet for future deployment to PYE Platform users. Rewards will be distributed over a five year timeframe.
  • PancakeSwap Initial Pool – 600 Trillion staked with liquidity on PanCakeSwap DEX exchange.

Current Transaction Fees

  • 5% of transactions will be distributed to all holders of PYE based upon percentage of holdings
  • 4.9% of transactions will be put automatically into Liquidity Pool Generation where 60% will be extracted and go through our Charity Burn process weekly.
  • 0.1% of transactions will go into a dedicated charity wallet (0xE243141F4dA244784174E1AD92642CC415C69071) to be distributed to our exclusive partner charity only.

Charity Burn

Of the extracted BNB:

  • 60% – Donated to Charity (Charities will be presented and voted upon by the PYE Community)
  • 20% – Marketing
  • 20% – Business and Operating Fund

Of the Extracted PYE Tokens:

  • 60% – Burned Tokens
  • 40% – Community Giveaways

NFT Launch

CreamPYE will launch its first ever NFT giveaway contest of our first minted NFT’s, this will be announced as well as more NFT designs will be added shortly. Be one of the first to own one of our super rare designs. More information will be announce in the next week regarding the details of how to participate.

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